A statement from the Faith Builders Board of Directors

The purpose of ViewPoint is to create a platform where older, trusted conservative Anabaptists can speak into the issues of the day. The Faith Builders board decided to enable ViewPoint when a number of church leaders, including the FB pastoral council, recommended that we do so. FB was encouraged to provide the necessary structural and financial support while making ViewPoint an independent effort that would be guided by the leaders involved in the writing.

Since the publication of the first two ViewPoint articles, we have heard a few people saying Faith Builders should not be enabling ViewPoint. The concern is that FB should not wield the kind of influence represented by ViewPoint.

Faith Builders is committed to submitting to the authority of the churches we serve. We helped to launch ViewPoint from that perspective. Now that we are hearing other church leaders say we shouldn’t be involved, we want to step back and evaluate what is appropriate for FB. We are taking time to hear from our churches and reflect on whether we should continue to be involved with this project. The FB Board intends to seek direction from church leaders, the FB Pastoral Council, and the FB Advisory Council before making a decision at the August 2021 board meeting.

The Faith Builders board believes that hearing from our older, trusted leaders is vital, especially in this time when there are so many voices that are seeking to influence us. We are grateful for the work of the ViewPoint executive committee and those writing the articles. Whether or not FB continues to enable this project, it is our perspective that work of this nature should continue.

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builds on the Anabaptist value of community wisdom. A team comprised primarily of older, ordained men forms the core executive group. Subcommittees are then formed to address particular issues, drawing in people experienced in the subject. Viewpoint was formed in response to repeated calls for help in addressing issues facing conservative Anabaptist leaders. A number of church leaders asked Faith Builders (Guys Mills) to facilitate the effort. The Viewpoint executive committee includes Merle Burkholder (ON), John Coblentz (PA), Matt Landis (PA), Gary Miller (ID), David Yoder (KS) and Steven Brubaker (PA). Materials produced by Viewpoint are intended to assist and encourage church leaders, not to dictate or control them. Leaders are free to use the uncopyrighted materials as best suits their needs.

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